When we arrived at our first Natural Foods Expo in the spring of 1995, we really didn’t know how we were going to get people to try our organic oatmeal. Sampling a hot cereal, no matter how you dress it up, isn’t easy and we didn’t want our first impression to be little glops of oatmeal in a paper cup.

Instead, we baked our organic oats into cookies and the response was tremendous. “Hey, these are really great tasting cookies!” people told us. And when we returned home, Country Choice Organic cookies were born!

Creating great tasting organic food is what we’re all about. Our hot cereals, snacks and cookies are made with simple ingredients and maintain strict USDA organic standards. We believe they are the most delicious on the market. All of Country Choice Organic products are made with a minimum of 95% organic ingredients, qualifying for the USDA Organic seal.

We make it easy for you to choose organic foods because what’s inside is both certified organic and great tasting!


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