High Road® car organizers are made by Talus, a 25 year old American firm that focuses on organization. Starting with just 1 product in 1984,Talus now offers 5 lines of organizational products– the largest of which is High Road car organizers.

Cars are The American Lifestyle. For teens in America, learning to drive is a major life passage– symbol of freedom and independence. Workers spend up to 2 hours a day commuting to work. Families usually have 2 and 3 cars and the American lifestyle has given rise to the “Taxi Mom”– who takes her kids from place to place: school, lessons, shopping, sports.

Talus knows that car users need storage and organization. We have designed more than 30 original car organizers designed to make using your car more convenient and fun. Talus designers and employees spend time crawling into and out of cars, trying products, testing products, changing products, until they work.

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