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Making Vehicles Look New

Seymour supplies a complete line of automotive paints, finishes, clearcoats and primers engineered for lasting performance, easy application and maximum durability under all sorts of conditions.

Seymour is here to assist you with quality coatings, available direct from the company thanks to our huge product inventory, through our network of distributors and at automotive parts retailers. We serve the professional rebuilder and fleet maintenance markets with automotive coatings, sold in bulk. Our technical staff continually strengthens our existing brands and adds new formulations.

If you rebuild hard parts for cars or heavy-duty trucks or repair vehicle bodies for a living, Seymour's coating solutions can give you a competitive edge. And even if you're an inexperienced do-it-yourselfer, with Seymour products you're only a spray away from professional results.

Automotive Products
Big Rig
Professional Coatings
Professional Coatings (Aluminum)
Professional Coatings (Bumper Paint)
Professional Coatings (Cast Blast)
Professional Coatings (Stainless Steel)
Professional Primer

High Tech
Engine Paints

Hot Spot
High Temperature Paints

Pit Crew®
High Temperature Cast Iron Gray
Wrinkle Finish
Chrome Brite
Quiet Seal I
Quiet Seal II

Seymour Spray Paint
Spray Paint Primers
Spray Paint Zinc Phosphate Primer

Tool Crib®
Carb & Choke Cleaner
Super Strength Penetrating Oil
Tinted Ignition Sealer
Bumper Paint (Primer)

Big Rig Heavy-Duty Coatings Maximize Performance

Professional appearance and excellent protection for many automotive applications. A professional-grade coating that restores rebuilt cast-iron engine parts to their original finish.

Restore That Original Factory Finish

Transform those old, worn out engines and transmissions into like-new, original equipment manufactured products. Hi-Tech Engine Paint will match O.E.M. surface color and gloss.

An Iron-Clad Contract with Quality

When it comes to professional appearance and performance, Seymour Cast Blast is the fast, affordable solution for many automotive application because it maintains the appearance and value of cast-iron parts.

Spray on the Ultimate Heat Resistance

Seymour heat resistant spray paint withstands "hot spots" up to 1200ºF, and provides durable coverage of surfaces exposed to intense heat where other paints would burn, crack or flake away.

    Quiet Seal Your Investment

Quiet Seal II is a black, rubberized undercoating that seals out water, road chemicals, pesticides, fumes and dust from entering your car’s seating cabin. Think of it as heavy-duty rubber in a can.

Tool Crib Ignition Sealer Locks Out Moisture

Moisture on electrical equipment can short-circuit and destroy any ignition system. Our sealer coats and protects ignition and electrical wiring for water, leakage and corrosion.

Best in Corrosion Resistance

Durable coatings that can stand up to tough conditions. Corrosion resistance testing of nationally distributed products.

Spray-Galv® Super-Tough, Super-Easy

Incredibly versatile coating extends the life of iron and steel surfaces. With just a spray, Seymour’s zinc-rich spray coating instantly touches up and protects all marred or scratched hot dip galvanized surfaces.