Welcome to CartDeskTM. There is truly nothing like CartDeskTM, anywhere in the world, a utility platform created to produce mobility and stability on which you can depend. The CartDeskTM not only transports standard business cases, but quickly transforms into a fully functioning desk in seconds.

The desktop can support up to 20 lbs and will easily accommodate a 17” laptop computer, projectors and display devices. It is designed to be durable, yet light-weight, allowing the user to pull down an aircraft aisle. This past spring, CartDeskTM was awarded The 2006 Most Innovative Product Award at the annual Travel Good Association convention in Las Vegas.

CartDeskTM was also endorsed by American Airlines as one of the world's top travel products. For 100 million laptop users world wide, issues have arisen from these heat generating products, resulting in an uncomfortable experience when laptop is place on lap.

It has been said that “necessity is the mother of inventions, which certainly rings true in our case. The patented CartDeskTM is NEW, innovative, and solves a problem!

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