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Lay the portable cement mixer on the ground next to your work area.

Place your dry cement, concrete or materials to be mixed onto the center of the Cretesheet.

Pour the appropriate amount of water or liquid into the cement, concrete or other materials mix. Add liquid in 3 or 4 equal amounts to assure correct consistency.
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Lift up the corners of the portable cement mixer using the specially made handles, leaving heavy materials resting on the ground. (When working with a partner it is important to stand close, 2-3' apart.)
Alternately lift the handles of our portable mixer, tumbling mixture back-and-forth from corner into the center of the portable concrete/cement mixer “CreteSheet”. (An 80 lb. bag of concrete should take less than 2 minutes to completely mix.) Then, tilt the CreteSheet and pour into the desired area. No waste! No spills! Exact pour!
Rinse with a hose for quick and easy clean-up or let dry and shake off excess concrete / cement materials.