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Our Products


Flexible Options Satisfy New and Changing Requirements

Seymour has been blending quality pigments, solvents and resins to meet the evolving needs of consumer painters for more than fifty years. Seymour's Hardware Division supplies many brands and products formulated to simplify interior and exterior projects. If it can be painted, there's a Seymour product available to get the job done. From an expansive selection of general-use aerosol primers and paints to high-
 performance special-purpose coatings, Seymour offers the right formula for protecting and beautifying surfaces and structures found in homes, offices and business settings, including:  
  • Walls, bookcases, molding
  • Doors, windows, siding, gutters, enclosures
  • Metal, wood, wicker and most plastic outdoor furniture
  • Heating and air-conditioning vents
  • Barbecue grills, metal fireplaces, furnaces
Hardware Products
Gray Primer™
Multi-Purpose Enamel™

All Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser
Brite & Clear Glass Cleaner
Ceiling Tile Paint
Graffiti/Paint Remover (Paint Stripper)
Rapid Seal
Repel It
Universal Solvent Blend
Universal Water Blend
Heat Resistant Engine Enamels

Hi-Tech Enamels

Tool Crib Light Duty Adhesive

Stick It to 'Em

Whether you are working on the jobsite, a do-it-yourself household project or assembling an art photography layout, Tool Crib Adhesive provides temporary or permanent bonds for multiple applications.

Universal Custom Fill System

Now you can offer your customers almost any color in the rainbow without stocking those slow moving SKU's!
    Temporary Marker Finds Favor With Landscapers

Lawn and garden planners discover advantages of Seymour Stripe® Inverted Tip Temporary Marker, a versatile marking paint specially formulated to produce vivid lines with temporary coverage.