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Our Products


Far-Reaching Applications for the Future

Each market that Seymour serves has unique and extensive requirements and standards. As a total source supplier of industrial coatings and chemicals, Seymour focuses on formulating reliable products backed by responsive technical services to satisfy virtually every niche — from heavy industry to agriculture to construction.

Because no two finishing applications are exactly alike, our dedicated manufacturing, marketing, sales and service staff work side by side with customers to identify the application methods and challenges directly affecting their operations. We regularly evaluate our internal processes to improve the efficiency of product design, production and delivery and ensure the highest level of performance and application properties in every industrial coating.

Industrial Products
High Solids Industrial Coatings
High Solids Cold Galv Primer
High Solids Industrial Coating (Aluminum)
High Solids Industrial Coatings (Stainless Steel)

Tool Crib®
Food Grade Industrial Silicone Lube
Open Gear Lube
Chain & Cable Lube
Dry Moly Lube
Dry Graphite Lube
Heavy Duty Anti-Seize
Insulating Varnish
Electric Motor & Contact Cleaner
Light Duty Adhesive
Tool Cutting Oil
    Farm & Industry Enamels

Seymour Rebar Green Epoxy Coating  

Seymour Tree & Industrial Marker

Spray-Galv® (Zinc Rich Coating) Weld Thru Primer

Spray-Glo Paints