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Our Products

plastic cutting boards
lid handle covers
Micro Top
Plastic Cutting Boards

Chop&Chop®,  Flexible Cutting Board
Chop & Chop!Chop & Chop® is the all new cutting board that you can bend, funnel, and shape! Its more versatile that anything else available. Makes all other cutting boards obsolete. Available in many sizes. Patent # RE36717of5472790

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MicroTop,  Splatter Guard

Micro-Top  is a new product that replaces all wraps and papers for microwave cooking.   Comes in set of two, 1-9" and 1-11" square. 

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Flexy  Pour & Funnel™, Pour & Funnel With Ease
Flexy Pour & Funnel

Flexy Pour & Funnel™ is our  newest item that makes pouring and  funneling a cinch. Simply curl and insert into container. Stops drips and allows for easy pouring with no  spill. Also use as a funnel for all your kitchen needs. Comes in a set of three, 1-3", 1-4" and 1-5" disk.

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