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Our Products


World-Class Coatings Serving Thousands of Applications

Seymour's total commitment to improving our existing and new formulas to ensure optimum satisfaction can be seen in our huge selection of specialty coatings and chemicals. As a leader in the production of specialty products, Seymour uses our modern manufacturing, technical expertise and outstanding customer service to fulfill customers' diverse needs quickly.

Specialty products manufactured by Seymour complement the broad product lines marketed by our various strategic business units. Seymour's specialty coatings aid consumers and professionals alike with an enormous range of applications, from simple do-it-yourself homeowner projects to sophisticated automobile and boat refinishing to industrial maintenance.

Specialty Products
Alumi Blast
Alumi-Match® (Touch-Up Paint)
Brite Galv
Cast Blast
Cast Blast High Solids
Corrosion Barrier Coating
Mill Primer
Original Cast Blast Regular
Rebar Green Epoxy Coating
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel (Bulk)
Sun Burst™
Upright Marking Paint
White Out (Surface Sealer)
     Epoxy Appliance Paints  

Spray-Glo Paints

Spruce® General Use Spray Paint (Enamels only)

Athletic Field Marker
Extra Traffic Marker
Golf Course Marker
Inverted Tip Marker (solvent based)
Inverted Tip Marker (water based)
Inverted Tip Temporary Marker
Latex Traffic Marker
Traffic Marker

All Purpose Glass & Surface Cleaner

Seymour Brite & Clear Glass Cleaner is a non-abrasive solvent that cuts through the most stubborn grime without ever leaving a cloudy film residue.

Brite Galv More Than Lives Up to Its Name

Seymour® Brite Galv enhances the look of galvanized surfaces. Brite Galv features a smooth, zinc-enhanced compound that produces a bright metallic finish that shines like aluminum.

Industry Standard For Overhead Applications

Seymour Upright Marking Paints are designed for long-lasting coverage of all types of overhead surfaces, including construction sites and mines.

Spray-Glo Fluorescents For Vivid Color

Spray-Glo Fluorescent Spray Paints are specially formulated to have 400% greater visibility than regular spray paints and provide ultra-high visibility for any project that needs to stand out.

White Out Isn't Just For Paper Anymore

Use Seymour White Out surface sealer to fix stains on a wall, damaged by smoke, water, grease, lipstick or crayon. This specially formulated primer covers and seals stains on interior and exterior wall surfaces.
    Brighter Fluorescent Colors

New formulation provides brighter colors in our Stripe® Inverted Tip fluorescent markings products.

Golf Course Marker Scores Big Every Time

Stripe® Golf Course Marker is the right choice when it comes to a marking paint specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of golf courses.

Pro-grade Graffiti & Paint Stripper

Seymour Graffiti Remover is the heavy-duty solution to removing vandalism from glass, brick, concrete and metal surfaces. It is even applicable for home use, capable of stripping paint and varnish from furniture, metal and other wood surfaces.

Temporary Paint Markers

Seymour introduces 8 new quick-drying inverted tip markers ideal for landscaping, sports field layouts, etc, providing a vivid line for just a brief period of time.